Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1 Year Anniversary Recap - Part I

Today marks the one year anniversary of this blog.

Without my conscious intention, the first post was published on the same eve of the lunar eclipse of last year (which actually took place August 28th in the early morning to be exact.) Such a "coincidence" was actually quite symbolic and here's why: I come from a background of art, fiction, and music. My inherent nature is attracted to beauty, mystery, obscurity, and the poetics of life, all of which are qualities generally attributed to the moon. This blog, in contrast, began with the sole purpose of communicating in a straight-forward, intellect-driven fashion the philosophical ideas I have accumulated throughout my life as well as stories from my past. My desire was to write with detailed accuracy, clarifying and illuminating as much as possible, and such an intention effectively eclipses the moon. The poet in me was laid aside and put to sleep.

As months passed, I began to incorporate fiction or tidbits of poetic prose to illuminate the same ideas at first discussed philosophically, except now from the artistic side. The moon and the sun began to complement each other, to function in synthesis.

This eventual synthesis, or reconciliation, (there is no adequate word for it in my opinion) of two opposing sides of a polarity, in this case the sun and the moon, or the Apollonian vs. the Dionysian, was actually one of the central themes that was introduced in the first blog post, a leitmotif which remained a prominent source of inquiry up till today.

As soon as I started writing Synchronistic Conditioning and an Emerging Portrait of Vitality, I began receiving dreams, visions, and synchronicities centered around how to achieve a healthy relationship between the masculine and feminine sides of my own character (or the conscious self and the anima). The initial vision showed that both extremes of the masculine/feminine polarity should be accentuated. It took me many months to understand what this meant, what was involved, and how it was possible.

The early posts were in diary format because I wanted to show how the events in life come alive and visibly start showing evidence of an underlying, synchronous order when one focuses upon one's evolution with intensity and rigor (although this form of "interactive evolution", so to speak, between one's conscious focus and life's events is also a affected by other factors such as intuitive living and wanting to share wisdom with others).

Central to my early writing was my introduction of the term "synchronistic conditioning", which is a type of inner, psychological conditioning that occurs behind the scenes and serves to help one become consciously aware of synchronistic events in one's daily life. And this can be interpreted as a method of communication between the inner or deeper portions of self and the conscious self.

In The Poetics of Bipolar Oscillation I compare the process of evolving in any specific area in life to one's traversal up a paisley pattern. When one first begins to explore a certain subject, one tends to oscillate widely between one perspective and its opposite with little or no sense of balance; this is, of course, the case only if the ego doesn't instantly attach itself arbitrarily to one perspective. This beggining period can be described as starting one's journey from the lower portion of the paisley pattern which is relatively wide and affords room to maneuver. More importantly, the related synchronicities and dream/vision content also have the quality of randomness or confusion in the beginning which I showed in the diary entries of my first two posts with respect to exploring the meaning behind my masculine/feminine vision, a topic of which I had little understanding at the time.

As one progresses and matures in relation to the subject at hand, one symbolically travels up into the narrower portions of the paisley pattern, which, due to developing bias and acquiring a balanced perspective, affords one less movement and oscillation. Indeed, synchronicities become more orderly and more frequent (if the topic remains a point of focus); dreams are more in line with conscious thought as opposed to playing the role of devil's advocate. What I am implying here is that life becomes less random the farther one evolves.

This process which begins with a high degree of oscillation and then settles to a static calm was one which I experienced first hand and in an accelerated fashion during a three-week period many years ago that I call the Hurricane Period. My focus on my evolution was very intense at the time and every new subject which interested me automatically threw me into a spin of ideas, perspectives, feelings, and experiences. This was the initial reaction to a new topic, which typically developed into a balanced maturity over a short amount of time, having gone through the necessary oscillations.

In L I F E and Extreme Astronautics, I wrote about a vision I had a few years after the Hurricane Period while I was in a very high state of mind. I was experiencing much synchronistic conditioning and I utilized Hurricane Thinking (which can be described as very fast oscillation between perspectives on a single idea) in a selfless and calm manner. The result was the rapid absorption of insight after insight after insight. My visions, which were very strong at the time, showed me going through a circular tubing, or a torus, which I later theorized to be the psychological equivalent of the space-time warpage experienced as a result of traveling near the speed of light. (The torus is the shape of the space-time fabric about the electrons circling around an atom's nucleus at high velocities.)

I began to explore the theory that there were indeed parallels between certain extreme psychological processes and the nature of space-time warpage caused by large bodies of mass or fast velocities. This led me to write Black Holes and the Art of Transformation, in which I described my findings especially with respect to psychological transformation.

If one accepts the idea that the center of a black hole leads to a white hole, as some scientists theorize, then the resulting space-time warpage can be represented by the symbol of the "X". For many years, I have hallucinated an "X" quite commonly when I closed my eyes, and it was not entirely clear why until I began writing this article. The dream/vision content that accompanied this recurring hallucination showed the process of traversing up through the middle of the "X", from the bottom portion to the top, as the process of attaining enlightenment or higher states of mind.

The "X" symbol possesses additional meaning with respect to polarity. The two bottom lines of the "X" coming together in the middle denotes the convergence or synthesis of a polarity, which was what I was encouraged to do by the vision in my first post of manifesting both the masculine and feminine sides of my own personality simultaneously, that is to say, to heighten the electrical charge or power of both sides at once.

In Shifting the Assemblage Point, I discuss how the astral projection experiences I had in college gradually transformed over the years into my ability to shift the assemblage point, which can be described as a fully conscious astral projection. The act of shifting the assemblage point demands both extreme feminine and masculine qualities in order for the shift to occur and I explain why in that article.

After I began searching for parallels between black hole phenomena and everyday life I stumbled upon some startling ideas with respect to synchronicities, which I detailed in Synchronicity Clusters and Warping the Existential Matrix. As is evidenced by the "The EGG Project", when large populations of people all share the same sudden focus, there is a synchronistic effect that takes place which surfaces in random number generators set up to measure such skewing of the outputed numbers. In other words, while a uniform distribution of numbers is expected from a random event generator, a clustering of the numbers results during world-wide events. My interpretation of the results of this ongoing experiment is that this focus shared by many people develops a point of singularity, to use black hole terminology, and this warps what I call the "Existential Matrix". Similarly, when one focuses upon an aspect of one's evolution with intensity and rigor, the existential matrix is warped so that coincidences occur that are meaningful with respect to the subject at hand.

To be continued...