Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Green Dragon

Someone in the bar was advertising green dragon smoke. I, once dragon slayer, having battled the proliferating heads of an all-pervasive hydra, let the words "tonight, I shall find your dragon" slip from my lips. Perhaps it had already subsumed the bar; a subterranean rhythm was apparent.

I was conversing with a group of friends and casual acquaintances. I was aware that the mirror archetype was especially strong this evening, that my personality was being acutely influenced by those around me. A subtle vision surfaced, depicting a panel of mirrors, a grid whose limits were unsure. I kept a part of my attention on the vision, to ensure its proper harvest.

As time progressed, I detected movement in the mirrors, like the edge of a curtain playing in a breeze. I suddenly realized what moved was the wing of a dragon. The vision unfolded; I was flying into the dragon's mouth.

Having been absorbed by a mirror, I witnessed another panel. I could imagine--but not see--that the two mirrored panels between which I was positioned extended their reflections infinitely. I kept moving, smoothly passed through one panel after the next, until I traversed the dragon to completion and exited out its tail.

I saw shards of light bounce about the space of a rectangle with dizzying complexity. The vision ended in an energetic frenzy. I opened my eyes. I was back at the bar, but on which side of which mirror?