Sunday, December 14, 2008

Precognition, Synchronicities, and Existential Vorticity

In my previous post, The "Law of Attraction" and Inner Purpose, I discussed my points of view on the "Law of Attraction", a phrase that has becoming quite popular in this day and age. "You get what you focus upon" is the essential gist behind this "Law", which I find to be an over-simplified way to describe how focus affects our lives in an a-causal manner.

In my previous post, I discussed some basic arguments that explain why the "Law of Attraction" in its simple form does not always apply. Readers of this blog should already be familiar with what I call "warping the existential matrix". This is my version of the "Law of Attraction" which takes into account some subtle observations on how the reality we experience is affected by our focus. For a quick introduction, please read Synchronicity Clusters and Warping the Existential Matrix.

As the title of this post suggests, I will try to show how the understanding of warpage can help build precognitive abilities. Before I can dive into such a discussion, however, there are some basic things to consider about the nature of warpage.

Synchronicities occur most often (and warpage is most easily detectable) when the warpage takes on the form of a vortex. When extreme vorticity occurs, it is as if everything in life were synchronistic (which is a state of mind attributed to insanity, although I call it enlightenment).

The amount of focus necessary to experience an extreme vortex is quite intense and rarely occurs except during traumatic or pseudo-traumatic situations. In my case, however, I achieve extreme vorticity from time to time because (1) I like to live life with utmost intensity especially when I have the opportunity to focus upon my evolution, and (2) I have learned how to harness and activate my will to affect the necessary focus which affects resonance in the deeper layers of the psyche.

The Motions of Existential Vorticity

As is similar to vortices found in nature such as black holes, hurricanes, and whirlpools, in addition to a pull towards the point of focus, there can occur a spinning or twirling effect. In existential terms, this translates into experiencing synchronistic events that oscillate between achieving or approaching one's goal and failing or distancing oneself from it.

If the focus is not on a specific goal but on, for example, understanding or exploring a certain subject, the meanings and clues behind the synchronistic events tend to invite varying perspectives surrounding the topic at hand, so that an inner debate is orchestrated until a sense of balance is achieved.

Being aware of this vorticity is not always easy, since life is already typically rich with events influenced by our conscious decisions and other cause-and-effect processes. And due to the spinning motions of vorticity, synchronicities often appear as if they were ordinary, unrelated occurrences even though a vortex has indeed taken shape, and this is because of the seemingly self-contradictory (and apparently "random") order that they follow.

Synchronicities are obviously most apparent when they involve coincidences that are meaningful. When the underlying a-causal order propels one this way and that, as if arbitrarily, we tend to lose sight of this order, and we fail to recognize the serendipity in our lives.

As we mature with respect to the point of focus or as life's events develop far enough in its direction, synchronicities become more blatant and easy to spot. It is as if one reaches the eye of the hurricane, or the apex of a cone where the space to oscillate has been minimized. I have discussed these ideas in different ways in various posts, but the diary entries of my first two posts illustrate this process relatively clearly. I invite you to read Synchronistic Conditioning and an Emerging Portrait of Vitality and The Poetics of Bipolar Oscillation.

Tips on Becoming Aware of Existential Warpage

There are some golden rules that I follow in order to remain aware of the warpage in my existential matrix: (1) Always be on the lookout for synchronicities, (2) try to remain aware of the underlying lessons behind life's events (what aspects of your evolution are currently active), (3) remain aware of the points of focus that run deep, that resonate at a deep level of the psyche (paying attention to dreams helps in this regard), and (4) try to guess to what degree you are mature with respect to the topic(s) at hand (since synchroncities become more obvious the more one matures.)

Warped Matrix by Example

Understanding the nature of warping the existential matrix is most effectively accomplished by example. Since my life is usually quite synchronous with my writing, I have a fresh new story to tell.

This weekend was somewhat unusual for me from the very start. Hardly any of my usual hangouts and routines were working out; the restaurants I liked were all full, so were most of the coffee shops where I go to write, and even when I was able to go where I wanted, something usually went wrong; I sat in an uncomfortable position, the music was too loud, etc. In short, life's events seemed to express the negation of my habitual lifestyle, as if I were approaching the end of a phase.

Earlier today (Sunday), I received a call from my family. Our cat of 13 years had just died. I was deeply moved. Two minutes after the phone call, I was driving down the road and I pulled up beside a congregation of police cars. Then, I noticed a body bag. Next to it was a walker for the elderly crashed on its side. (I don't even remember when was the last time I saw a dead person in a body bag just a few feet away.) On the phone with a friend 10 minutes later, he was telling me of a death in his neighborhood that he learned about yesterday. In the cafe, someone was playing a video of a cat on his laptop...

Why did so many synchronicities occur revolving around the cat's death? Because I was deeply moved by the incident, and my focus did not stop short on a conscious level, but resonated deep within.

Warpage Effects Can Begin Before a Focus-Funneling Event Occurs

What was even more interesting was that the synchronicities began before the cat's death, with my difficulties of following my habitual weekend routines since early Saturday, her death was late Saturday, and I was not told of it till Sunday. From my experiences, I usually associate this type of synchronicity, where all the usual habits suddenly seem forbidden, with the Death Archetype, signaling the end of a phase and the birth of a new one.

So, how is it possible that synchronicities begin occurring before the event which funnels in our focus actually takes place? My best answer to this question is the following: The deeper layers of the psyche exist outside of time as we experience it consciously (as evidenced, for example, by the abilities of our dreams to foreshadow the future). If the focus occurs at a deeper level, then the warp begins taking place before the actual event is experienced.

The Global Consciousness Project and Premature Number Correlation

The following link takes you to an article on how the Random Event Generators behaved during the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001: September 11 2001: Exploratory and Contextual Analyses. The correlations of the radom numbers started taking place hours before the first plane hit the first tower. We see a similar early effect during Obama's election on Nov. 4th: Barack Obama Elected President.

Voriticity and Precognition

Since warpage of the existential matrix can be detected before a focus-funelling event occurs, it is possible, upon understanding the vortex-like motions expressed in daily living and as one begins to intuit archetypal patterns at play, to predict the event before it occurs. And this is what I did with respect to the Stock Market in Market Turmoil Part II. Published on Oct. 25th, I wrote how a series of synchronistic events led me to believe that an upcoming turning point in the stock market would occur early on in the subsequent week.

As can be seen by the above image from Yahoo! Finance, there was a severe drop on Oct. 27th in the US stock market, followed by a sharp ascent that held steady till around Nov. 4th.

The synchronicities occurred at a time when I was deeply focused upon the turmoil of the economy, causing a vortex-like warp in my existential matrix that mirrored that of the nation and the world at large. By following the news intensely, I effectively activated a similar set of archetypes as that which the events on the news were activating, manifesting an existential vortex whose effects were similar. Thus, my own synchronicities took on meaning that went beyond the personal.

Here is a summary of what occurred to me personally; the text in italics was copied directly from my previous post:

Oct. 23rd:
On Thursday night, I had to take some work home with me. I was logged into work at home trying to figure out a problem that a client had with our software (one of the clients that we've had problems with off and on since the market's turmoil began). As I tried to fix the problem, some weird problems were blocking me from doing my work, as if my computer were jinxed. The rarity of these problems made me think that something synchronistic was going on. I glanced at the news and there it was: a headline showing that the Asian markets had suddenly suffered a severe drop.

Oct. 24th:
The next day, the morning news was that the US markets also dropped. I was planning on taking a blood test that day before work and I ran into great trouble trying to get to the hospital, and it felt like a continuation of last night's drama, that all these events were synchronistically connected to the economy's turmoil and that surely the market was going to crash violently that day. To my surprise, however, the rest of the day went smoothly: 1) I arrived at work perfectly on time, 2) The client was unusually satisfied and quiet the rest of the day, despite outstanding issues which they usually are very fussy about, 3) The market buoyed back up (relatively speaking) by the end of the day.

At some point during the day, I consciously felt as if I were witnessing an archetypal pattern that depicted reversal. When I recognized this, I got an image of entangled ropes that at first fell but then bent sharply upwards.

There are two things of interest here. Firstly, the detection that I was witnessing an archetypal pattern. The best way I can describe the feeling I get when I witness something archetypal is that it's like having a glimpse of pure power, or peeking into a realm of power as if through a peephole. I described my first experience with power in Shifting the Assemblage Point, but I sensed power on a regular basis during my Hurricane Period.

The second point of interest is that this vision surfaced from my subconscious only after I was mentally prepared to receive it, not only because of my own deductions about the synchronistic events of the last 24 hours, but also due to having detected the archetypal pattern at play. It could also be the case that a significant part of the preparation occurs because archetypes have such a profound effect on consciousness, regularizing or purifying one's state of mind with respect to the type of archetype(s) involved.

I commonly have such preparatory experiences before receiving a precognitive vision. During waking hours, the subconscious is usually tucked away beneath many layers of the psyche. Being aware of life's underlying order is akin to attaining a sense of balance and to coming face to face with the moment. In such a state, communication with the deeper levels of the psyche is made available.

The subconscious when accessed during waking hours has much more practical benefit than during sleep, or at least seemingly so. While awake, the subconscious is tuned to whatever in life we are focused upon. This focal vorticity dissipates during sleep, or it transforms into areas that we are less concerned with during our conscious lives.

The Continuation of the Rope Visions

The same vision of entangled ropes I had on Oct. 24th remained alive within me and I was able to call it back to surface for at least two weeks before it finally dissipated, even though I know from experience that such "living" messages from the inner landscape can resurface even after they remain absent for years.

By the middle of the week of Oct. 27th, the entangled ropes had become 3 discernible ropes that were heading upwards. I still do not know for sure what each rope represents, but I guess that one of them is the US stock market, and another is the gold stock that I personally own shares in. By the end of that week I started seeing them head downwards, and I knew that this was not the end of the market turmoil that I thought was possible. An optimistic outlook had proven to be false, which returns us to my vision of the very long steps of stairs going downward.

Notes and Scribbles: Visions of Gold

I had two synchronous events that dealt with gold on Oct. 27th, and both involved seeing pictures of a naked woman in golden color (one was wearing a transparent, golden dress, the other was a picture from the James Bond movie Goldfinger). Again, I detected an archetypal pattern at play; these pictures seemed to denote that the Gold stock had the grace and receptivity of the Feminine principle, and for two weeks I saw my GLD stock go up and down exactly in tune with the rest of the market, as opposed to inversely proportional as I had at first hoped. (I know now GLD is usually inversely proportional to the dollar.)

One night, also early on in that week, I had a vision of someone draped in silk scarves that were of a burgundy color. There was a type of struggle as the head tried to go through a minuscule hole and emerge out the other side (which suggested a black-hole-white-hole transformation). When it did, it was the head of an Indian woman wearing something on her forehead that was shining brilliant gold. I theorize this to mean that when we finally reach the next phase of the economy (after we hit bottom), that GLD will catapult upwards. This is in line with the vision which said: "They will counterfeit the fall."

More Notes and Scribbles: The week of Nov. 3rd

I had been asking for visions that foretold who would win the election and all my dreams, synchronicities, and other such data were entirely blank and hush hush about this topic until a couple nights before the election.

On Nov. 2nd, I had a dream that depicted Obama as president as well as a gay man who was extremely pissed off. The reference to the angry gay man was the winning of Prop 8 in California which banned same sex marriage. While African Americans have gone very far in overcoming racism, homosexuals are still a struggling minority.

As elated as I was that Obama had won, the evening of Nov. 4th still left me with a vague, troubled feeling. My computer at work was again "acting up" in strange ways while I was working from home. I glanced at the news only to read the headlines which said that the Asian markets soared due to Obama's win.

As I went to sleep, however, a strong intuition said the market will plummet. The next morning I read the inverse of last night's headline, which said the the US markets dropped because of Obama's win. The observation came with some archetypal power, which suggested that those who have influence on the market are opposed to Obama's views, and we shall see related conflicts during his presidency.