Saturday, October 25, 2008

Market Turmoil Part II

I've been working on a large essay that will most likely be split into 3 or 4 posts, and I was very excited to dive into it this weekend. But, as soon as I began recuperating from the work week and gaining some foothold on my intuition, I was dismayed to find that instead of receiving ideas about my essay, thoughts about the market once again flooded into my head with the clear intuitive urge to publish them.

Ouch! I'm really not in the blogging business to make a fool of myself talking about my visions of the future online. So, this time, unlike a couple of Mondays ago when I wrote Market Turmoil: Synchronicities, Visions, and Dreams on the Economy, I stubbornly shut these surfacing ideas out in order to focus on my essay, but I slipped into a completely blank state of mind as a result.

After an hour of lounging around my house, waiting for some clarity of mind and focus to build up in me, I finally gave up and started browsing the web. I ended up on David Wilcock's website (which is quite common: and lo and behold, his most recent blog was also about the current market turmoil and what he said mirrored the ideas that had just been flooding my own head.

Ok, that does it, so here goes: In my previous post, I had interpreted my visions to say that there would be a steep fall after that Monday, Oct. 13th. In order to peer into the future, or to gain a better understanding of the present, I use what I call "holographic vision" in order to detect similarities between two disparate events that hint at an archetypal pattern that is currently at play.

In that specific case, it was the changing volume of the piece of music I had been working on and the market's fluctuations. There was a definite similarity between a sudden exaggerated peak in volume with the market's spike that Monday (which I saw materialize after I had my visions) and since my song's volume suddenly dropped, I felt that the same drop would occur in the market. This was a stumble; holographic vision requires very sensitive detection of when two disparate events coincide and stop coinciding.

In any case, as if in response to my faulty interpretations, the next dream I had about the market showed a long, gradual decline. It showed me riding down a smooth decline with my own GLD stock investment (this came on Friday of that week right after the final GLD peak); while the rest of the market went down in steps, which more closely mirrored the volatile, up-and-down movement of the market in general.

The dream with the descending steps showed a very, very long descent, which gave me the conviction that we're really in for a long fall.

At the end of this week, however, something bizarre occurred that changed my opinion.

On Thursday night, I had to take some work home with me. I was logged into work at home trying to figure out a problem that a client had with our software (one of the clients that we've had problems with off and on since the market's turmoil began). As I tried to fix the problem, some weird problems were blocking me from doing my work, as if my computer were jinxed. The rarity of these problems made me think that something synchronistic was going on. I glanced at the news and there it was: a headline showing that the Asian markets had suddenly suffered a severe drop. Not good.

The next day, the morning news was that the US markets also dropped. I had planned to go do a blood test at my health clinic that morning before work. The bus arrived 30 seconds before I got to the bus stop, having trusted the projected arrival time posted on the bus system's website that I was actually several minutes ahead of schedule. I decided to drive to the clinic instead. I ended up looking for parking for half an hour, gave up, and then parked my car closer to work and rushed to get there on time.

I felt that all these events were synchronistically connected to the economy's turmoil and that surely the market was going to crash violently that day. But, on the contrary, 1) I arrived at work perfectly on time, 2) The client was unusually satisfied and quiet the rest of the day, despite outstanding issues which they usually are very fussy about, 3) The market buoyed back up (relatively speaking) by the end of the day.

At some point during the day, I consciously felt as if I were witnessing an archetypal pattern that depicted reversal. When I recognized this, I got an image of entangled ropes that at first fell but then bent sharply upwards. Till now, this intuition/vision stands its ground in my inner landscape.

In any case, these were the thoughts I had the intuition to write down, when I stumbled upon Wilcock's article. The title: "Is October 26th the Bottom of the Markets?" The article was dated "Friday 10 / 24 / 08", yesterday. He then lists various indications that the market will start lifting soon.

What is strange, however, is how he talks about his "Still" vision, and the dream he had afterward of turning off a rogue computer. He proceeds to talk about the articles he read that said that " programs were ready to be used to stop trading on the markets in the event of a panic sell-off." This could be what my visions were talking about (in the last post) when they mentioned an upcoming "blank market" period...If our visions will come to be, then we should see a massive fall that triggers the computer shutdowns early next week, followed by immediate post-bottom recovery, as was depicted in my first cartoon-like vision.


The markets will continue to fall or behave erratically and my visions and Wilcock's visions simply coincided through sheer synchronicity, mind field sensitivity, or our visions chose to follow a positively oriented probable path which won't turn out materializing in the end. Whatever the case may be, something strange is going on.

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