Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Prelude to a Coincidentia Oppositorum - A Mandatory Scribble

I felt somehow obliged to publish a post of the notes below that I jotted down last night. Their relationship to the previous post, in the way one references the other but as if from a different dimension, is not dis-similar to the relationship between a dream and an associated waking experience, although both posts have dream-like qualities. Is the relationship to the previous post truly meaningful and harbors the potential for knowledge, or am I seeing too much into it? Well, this sounds like the dilemma one typically experiences when interpreting a dream, and how we feel more and more out of touch with a dream the further we psychologically travel back into our waking lives...

Out with a friend.

"Ah yes, Kafka. A great beginning."

The remark withdrew into a crack in the wall.

(And so the fire subsided.)

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