Friday, March 21, 2008

The Dimunitive Staircase

In numerous posts on this blog, I've discussed why the letter "X" was a symbol of transformation. Going up through the middle of the "X" from the bottom triangle can be interpreted as a representation of transcendence into a higher state of being. Such a passage suggests the psychological shrinking of the self in order to attain the heights, a selflessness, or a convergence of polarity within the self.

A friend of mine was visiting me from out of town the same night that I was finishing up my previous post, The Making of "Hieroglyphics", the Movie, which actually mentioned one of the "X"-related dreams I've had in the past. Without having discussed this symbolism with my friend, he had a dream that night of being in a pyramid-like structure. At first, he had entered a normal looking building. But, as he climbed up a spiraling staircase, it became narrower and narrower till he couldn't climb any further because he found himself wedged between two walls.

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