Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Intersection Point - Art and the Paranormal

The Writer, shown above, is one of my earlier works of art. It was drawn during one of my dry spells as a writer. The figure is shown doubling up on himself with his right foot resting on his book, keeping it tightly shut.

The image has much more meaning to me than can be discerned from the picture alone, however. Drawing this piece resulted in one my earliest and simplest psychic experiences and the story demonstrates how the creative act can help enhance an artist's sensitivity not just to the visual image on the canvas but also to the world at large.

I completed the drawing in an hour or so. The main outline of the body was drawn quite rapidly and I spent the rest of the time finely tuning the piece. Every line I drew or faded out, no matter how tiny, produced an effect in me psychologically as I reached for the precise overall effect that I wanted.

After I was done and I washed up, I walked outside my apartment for a breath of fresh air. Standing there was a girl I'd never seen before, no doubt house-sitting for my next door neighbor. We exchanged some brief words and both of us went back indoors.

As I was readying myself to go to sleep, I began feeling an extraordinary sadness swell up inside me. It gradually took me over completely and I finally found myself imagining that I was at a doctor's office being told that I had only a short time left to live. Right when I felt my sadness had reached its peak, I suddenly heard the girl next door burst into a flood of tears from behind my bedroom wall.

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